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Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about making money from selling Virtual Top Up (VTU) of major GSM network operators which income is expected to be greater than the GSM income, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught on the page.
To be a VTU agent that can dispense MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and Visaphone is as simple as ABC for NOW.

A.  Download and register the airtime vending mobile application onto your phone.  We would setup a secure web access to your online account after payment.
B.  Make a payment of N110,000 TODAY or before the end of this week and a BONUS of N100,000 would be deposited into your secured agent online account to dispense airtime and data plan top up to any of the above networks.
C.  We would give you our 40 page VTU powerpoint presentation visual manual and mentor you in whatever state you are in Nigeria and you too can do likewise to make money in VTU airtime sales.

With our agent account you can have unlimited number of sub agents under you that you earn commission on their sales.  Under the agent account you can have
corporate account users whereby your corporate clients pay bulk sum every time they recharge.

Please note, after the sale of your personal airtime stock your initial investment of N110,000 comes back to you at 3 to 5% profit.  Therefore you paid nothing to start the business expect the N10,000 for setting up your mobile and web accounts.

Again you may ask, if this training is "FREE" then what is in it for me?.

Benefits of our platform:
1. The amount in your account can be used to recharge any of the five (5) networks unlike what obtains elsewhere in which you have to get multiple accounts for each network.
2. You make a minimum of up to 3% profit on all balance given out in Virtual Top Up form.
3. You can use our platform to solve your problem of looking for cash balance (change) after transactions, which subsequently reduces the waiting time of customers at any point in time.  Most of
Shoprite outlets are already making use of this method to solve their change problem.  Instead of giving sweet and other unwanted item(s) as change you can give VTU, make your commission and your customer is happy for topping up his/her phone with airtime.
4. You can convert change into premium airtime purchase at a discount and your organisation maximises opportunity to retain more money from what customers are willing to spend.   Example a customer who is to collect N60 change, but is offered airtime at a premium of about 12% worth of airtime ie N67.32k or a customer who is offered Virtual Top Up of N224.40k instead of receiving a N200 change.
5. You have access to both our secured web and mobile applications, you can always check your account details, your account balance and also you can do a report of all your transactional history including your commission summary/history.
6. You get paid commissions even when you recharge your personal phone and other members of your family, friends, customers etc.
7. You can dispense VTU airtime from
as low as N1 for MTN and from N45 on others to as high as N999,999
8. You can dispense odd amounts as detailed above eg N67.32k
9.  You can preset auto top ups of preset departments, phone numbers etc in our corporate account platform
10. Low startup cost unlike other platforms that I know which requires as much as N10,000 just to obtain registration form and other obscene startup cost.

Other benefits include:

Our platform have a number of options that can be used to sell Airtime.
  Mobile App (including any phone that can browse)
  iPad or any Tablet
  Personal Computer

The application supports
  Agent Vending
  Distributor Application and sub Agents
  Corporate portal for any business that requires internal Staff recharge

Right now you can buy any of the GSM different data plans and enjoy direct 5% discount for yourself or 1% discount as you may desire via your resellers when they sell directly or indirectly to their customers.

You can now, recharge your DSTV, GOTV and Ikeja electricity bill, buy bulk SMS and still earn commissions.

I want you to know that the
VTU airtime vending package is "F.R.E.E" provided you make a payment of N10,000 for setting up your agent accounts while the remaining N100,000 would be deposited into your account to dispense airtime top up for any of the above networks.

At this point you may be wondering why am I doing the training for "FREE",  I  want you to know this is a WIN WIN business for you and I.  I make 1% as sales commission when you buy VTU airtime and you make money (5%) when you and other people you refer join the business.  That is why I call it WIN WIN.

I don't want you to wait beyond today before you start making money as a VTU agent, moreso during the festive seasons which is fast approaching much more top ups are made at this time of the year.  As you can see it is  "FREE" to start the business for now perhaps later in the year or coming years you may require so much more to start the business.  I perceive agent licensing and approval may become difficult before the end of this year, so why wait till then or till next year before you start?  Waste no more time before others in your area join the business or before you introduce it to them somebody else has.

If you want to be like me who want to save lots of money on my data plan and on recharging my personal GSM phone, also if you need lot of money before the end of this year, then get this package.

N110,000 which includes N100,000 (ie if payment is made TODAY) trading capital/airtime stock that can dispense airtime credits of all GSM networks (namely MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and even Visaphone) while the remaining N10,000 is for your accounts setup (ie the mobile apps on your handset and your online (web) account).

Now, you may ask how do I start selling airtime (ie phone virtual top-up)?

To get started just as I said earlier, all you have to do is to pay a token of N110,000 into our below bank account and download our apps on your phone and we would set up both mobile account and an online account for you.  Afterwhich you login to your account and click on anyone of the MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT and Visaphone icons and enter the phone number you want to top up, the amount, your transaction pin and click submit within few seconds your phone or customers phone is topped up at a discount of 3 to 5% commission to you.

Pronto.  You've just started a new business!  See how easy it is to start my money making business.  Now you need to make a list of all the potential customers in your office/street etc.  The more you sell, the more money you make.

Better hurry before your neighbors, co-workers, friends and even enemies find out or start before you!  I'm confident that this is the future! Just that it will become too late for many by the time it becomes popular.  The big boys in the society will want to hijack it with their millions.  But if you start TODAY, you will grow with it.  This is an opportunity with unlimited potentials.  You can become anything with it, it is all in your hands.

Want to see how our VTU platform looks like?

Click here
to see what our VTU platform looks like
From The Keyboard of P.C. Controllers Ltd
Incredible And Simple Way To Start A New Business Or To Set Somebody Up To  Start A New Business This Year and beyond!  Learn The Money Making Secrets On How To Make Easy Money As A VTU Airtime Vending Agent
Double your business profits!  Money making opportunities in vending airtime and various data plans of all GSM networks (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and Visaphone).  Learn new incredible and simple ways to sell airtime and data plans from your phone or computer to any phone number on any of these above networks at any given time of the day in any state in Nigeria.
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