Now you too can talk for FREE and save up to N200,000 a year! just by calling the U.S and Canada phone numbers from Nigeria.

Simply make the Magic jack Plus Your Main or Backup Phone Line and enjoy unrestricted calls to all U.S and Canada phone numbers.
P.C. Controllers Ltd
An indelible touch, excellent results always
Since March 1992
Call our hot lines
Please notify us by filling the form below if you need the product, for quicker response call/sms or fill the form details below to 08033235168
Call any U.S and Canada phone lines absolutely FREE with or without computer.

Free calls to the U.S and Canada phone numbers and other magic jack PLUS users anywhere in the world.

Free U.S Phone Number - The first time you plug your magicJack PLUS into a computer, you are prompted with diverse U.S cities to register for a U.S phone number regardless of where you live.

International Calling - Call several other non U.S and Canada cities anywhere in the world for a token.  Pass on savings to relatives and friends simply by sending the magicJack PLUS around the world and they too can have their very own U.S phone numbers and FREE U.S local and long distance calls.

Free Voicemail - Never miss an importnt phone call just because you are temporarily not available. If you miss a call the online service prompt the caller to leave a message which is sent as a voice file to your email address which you can later listen to.

Free Directory Assistance

Now, also get FREE phone service on your Apple or Android.  You can even share your magicjack number with your device using the magicjack companion APP.
Setup in seconds with any phone or simply hook up to any internet enabled PC and off you go.

No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees, No Credit Card or billing info required - because there is no monthly phone bill to pay when you use a magicJack PLUS.

No Computer Required with magicJack PLUS

You do not need a computer anymore, so now you receive the best voice quality ever. No more having to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone—corded, cordless, portable, DECT and simply plug it into your new phone jack in the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, at a second house, at your business or even your home. Now you have a choice, and magicJack is the only one who gives you these choices.

The Very Best Voice Quality Ever

The NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS service has received rave reviews and many people think it is the best Call Quality they have ever heard. The magicJack PLUS has added even better High Definition Voice. The NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS has the Best Call Quality we ever heard from any service and it's FREE.

Ability to Take Your Home Phone Anywhere

Use the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS in Hotels, friends' houses, Europe or anywhere in the World. Stop paying for Hotel phones, second home phones or use it at your business. The incredible small size packs a big punch.

Free International Calls

Take the NEW 2014 magicJack Plus with you when you travel outside of the country and you will have free calls back to the U.S. and Canada. No matter where you are in the world you can call the U.S. and Canada for free. You can also consider buying the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS for someone you know that lives overseas and give the gift of free calls to U.S. and Canadian Phone Numbers.

Use Your Existing Phone Number

You can take your old phone number to the NEW 2014 magicJack PLUS by using our porting procedure. So easy, but so valuable too. If you want to get a new Phone Number anywhere in the country, you can do that and even get a vanity number too. So many options, no wonder 11 million people have received magicJack.
How it works
Frequently Asked Questions
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Get Phone Service For Life With MagicJack Plus

NEW!  No Computer Required
NEW!  Transfer Your Current Number
FREE  Local & Long Distance Calls
FREE  Directory Assistance
FREE  U.S Phone Number
FREE  Call Waiting
FREE  Voicemail & Caller ID
FREE  International Calling to the U.S.
Price N20,000
Buy once, becomes yours forever and use for a lifetime
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NOW WITH FREE APP Text Messaging and FREE Calls
for your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch and Android Phone using FREE magicjack Companion App
Package Inclusions:
• MagicJack hardware
• Power adapter
• Optional USB extensions, Ethernet (internet cable)
• Instructions

All you need for FREE calling is:
1.  Any phone or internet enabled computer (optional)
2.  High Speed internet ie: Broadband, Cable internet, DSL, WI-FI, Wireless or WiiMax
3. Works with windows and apple mac operating system.  You can also download the apps FREE onto your android and apple devices.

WiFi and Portable Phone (DECT) ready
using USB/SDIO Slots on the New magicjack PLUS
NEW 2014 Magic Jack Plus
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